The Cathedral of St Peter–in–Chains

Perpetual Fund

A Living Memorial to Our Faith Heritage

The Perpetual Fund is dedicated to the long-term preservation and maintenance of the historic Cathedral of St Peter–in–Chains in Peterborough, Ontario.

What is The Perpetual Fund?

The Cathedral of St Peter-in-Chains, with its commanding 150-foot steeple, is one of Downtown Peterborough's most prominent landmarks. This historic church, which was completed in 1838, stands as a clear reminder to the Christian roots of our city, the presence of God in our community, and the faith-centric path to its future.

Established in 1981 and registered as a not-for-profit charitable corporation in the Province of Ontario, the core mission of The Perpetual Fund is to ensure the Cathedral of St Peter-in-Chains, this beautiful reminder of our Catholic heritage, endures for future generations, by supporting the physical maintenance of the Cathedral building and its grounds. Donations are held in perpetuity and invested to earn interest. The earnings and interest then become the money used to support the mission.

How does it work?


As a charitable organization, The Perpetual Fund invites donations from generous individuals like you, as well as from organizations considering their social responsibility allocations. Your donations fund an investment in our cultural heritage and our community's future.

The Fund accepts donations in multiple forms. Most prefer one-time or recurring monetary donations, but we also accept life insurance policies, annuities, or gifts of property. Donors may also remember The Fund via bequests.

We encourage donations at any time in memoriam for those we knew or loved, whether for someone who died recently or we knew in times past. Donations made in memoriam honour not only a treasured friend or loved one, but also the presence of the Cathedral in the lives of so many.

All donations are tax-deductible. See below for ways to donate.



When you donate, your gift becomes part of The Fund's endowment. This capital is then carefully and conservatively invested by a professional financial advisor under the direction of The Fund's Investment Committee.

Our Board of Directors consists of individuals with decades of experience in business who volunteer their time and expertise towards this worthwhile endeavour. We place special emphasis on wise stewardship to ensure the long-term viability of the The Fund in support of its mission.

The Perpetual Fund undergoes thorough audits annually by an independent public accounting firm to ensure full compliance with all governmental regulations prior to submission of its tax return.


Interest generation

The Fund's endowment earns interest. This interest—and only the interest—is used in the fulfilment of the mission: The preservation and maintenance of the building and grounds of the Cathedral.

Since its founding in 1981, The Perpetual Fund has contributed to and financed numerous projects at the Cathedral, including the restoration of all exterior doors, installation of washrooms at the main entrance, the carpeting of the Cathedral, new boilers for the building's heating system, upgrades to the light and sound system, and new eavestroughs. The Fund also financed a recent architectural/engineering study of the Cathedral to determine the basis and priority of any future restoration work.

Since 2000, The Fund has contributed over $420,000 to improvement projects. These critical projects are made possible by you, and help the Cathedral continue to fulfil its role as a faith centre for not only its own parishioners, but the surrounding community.


How can you donate?

Cash or cheque

We graciously accept gifts in cash or by cheque, as well as in the form of other recognized monetary instruments. We invite you to use The Perpetual Fund donation envelopes, available inside the Cathedral, specifically for donations to The Fund.

Donation envelopes may be placed on the offertory plate during Holy Mass, mailed to The Perpetual Fund, or delivered in‑person to the Cathedral Rectory Office. Please see the top of the Direct Deposit form for address information.

Please include your mailing address and phone number inside the envelope, so that we can generate a tax receipt for you.

Donate online

For your convenience, we invite you to donate online. The link below takes you to our CanadaHelps page, for one-time or recurring donations using debit or credit.

Donate Now

When you donate on CanadaHelps, please consider providing your contact information. We would be honoured to keep you informed of the The Fund's ongoing activities and projects.

CanadaHelps generates tax receipts for you automatically.

Pre-authorized giving

Please consider a recurring pre-authorized giving plan through your bank, which allows you to donate a fixed amount on a monthly basis.

Simply complete our Pre-Authorized Giving Plan form. Please be sure to provide your banking and contact information.

The form can be mailed to the address shown on the form or delivered in‑person to the Cathedral Rectory Office. Alternatively, if you prefer to use e‑mail, please scan your completed form and send as an attachment.

We issue annual tax receipts for all donations.

Direct deposit

Direct deposits can be made through your bank, at your branch or by using online banking, for one-time or recurring donations.

Please see our Direct Deposit form, which provides our banking information so that your bank can assist you in giving once or setting up recurring gifts. If you prefer to use online banking, add The Perpetual Fund as a payee using the bank account information shown on the form.

For tax receipts, please provide your contact information on the Direct Deposit form, which can be mailed to the address shown on the form or delivered in‑person to the Cathedral Rectory Office.

Fixed-income investments

Fixed-income investments, including annuities (e.g., GICs), stock dividends, and bonds, offer two options which can benefit our mission.

The interest earned may be assigned to the benefit of the The Perpetual Fund as recurring monetary gifts. For those having the financial freedom to offer the cash flow on these investments, this can be an excellent way to contribute to the steady growth of The Fund's endowment.

Secondly, while living or as a remembrance in a bequest or for a loved one in memoriam, title to a fixed-income investment may be transferred to the The Perpetual Fund. Such generosity significantly adds to the value of the endowment and therefore the interest generated in perpetuity for the benefit of the Cathedral.

Please speak with us if you are considering this form of giving.

Life insurance

Life insurance policies offer donors the option to gift The Fund in substantial ways. Donors having sufficient financial freedom and alternative coverage may choose to name the The Perpetual Fund as a beneficiary on life insurance policies.

We stress such gifts as appropriate only for those with the freedom to offer this generosity. For those having otherwise fulfilled their duties and obligations to family and loved ones, we would be honoured to speak with you should you be considering this type of gift to The Fund.

Physical property

In addition to monetary amounts and liquid assets, The Fund accepts donations of physical properties, such as real estate or other hard assets, including precious metals, jewelry, vehicles, or any marketable asset. Such gifts to The Fund can help grow the endowment substantively, for which your name, or the name of someone beloved in memoriam, will be written into a special section in our Memorial Book.

We stress the importance of the donor's fulfilment of all other duties and obligations to family and loved ones with respect to the consideration of these types of gifts. We graciously ask that you contact us should you be considering a gift of any type of physical property.

In memoriam

Many donors choose to give to The Perpetual Fund in remembrance of a beloved friend or family member. Whether for someone who has recently passed away or for someone remembered from times past, a donation in memoriam of a cherished friend or loved one is a remembrance that will last in perpetuity.

If you are so moved to donate in memoriam, please speak to us directly. We will be honoured to include that person in the Memorial Book and in the special intentions offered during the morning Holy Mass on the monthly First Friday dedicated to donors to The Perpetual Fund and to those remembered in memoriam.


To bequeath a monetary amount, an investment, or property, or if the nature of your donation requires the citation of The Fund in any form of legal documentation, please be sure to specify The Fund's full legal name:


What are the benefits?

Tax benefits

All donations to The Perpetual Fund are tax-deductible. You will receive a tax receipt each time you make any individual donation. For recurring donations, we generate an annual tax receipt.

When you donate through CanadaHelps, you receive a tax receipt directly from them. You receive a tax receipt directly from The Perpetual Fund for donations made via pre-authorized payments, direct deposit, or cash/cheques placed in our envelopes available inside the Cathedral.

For all other types of gifts and methods of giving, please contact us with your name and contact information in order to receive your tax receipt.

Our CRA Business Number is 736738527RR0001.

In perpetuity

Giving to The Perpetual Fund carries with it the knowledge that your donation is a lasting contribution. Your gift is an investment in the Catholic heritage of your children and grandchildren.

Your donation carries the assurance that it will fund the long-term support of the Cathedral of St Peter-in-Chains. The interest generated by The Fund's endowment can be used, in part, for no other purpose than the preservation and maintenance of the Cathedral building and its grounds, in strict accordance with this mission as stated explicitly in The Fund's legal articles of incorporation.

Memorial Book

Located inside the Cathedral, The Perpetual Fund Memorial Book stands as a gratitude to those who have generously contributed or have been remembered in memoriam. Inside we inscribe the names of all our donors, those remembered in memoriam, as well as those who have so generously bequeathed properties to The Fund.

You are most welcome to open the Book in honour of the many names who have generously made donations—whether large or small—to The Perpetual Fund or have been remembered in memoriam.

Mass offerings

The 7:30 AM First Friday Holy Mass of each month is celebrated for the intentions of every living and deceased donor to The Perpetual Fund, as well as to those remembered in memoriam.

In the same way your contribution to The Fund will stand in perpetuity, so will the gratitude of the Cathedral for your generosity, by both its celebrants and parishioners, now and well into the future.

You are important to us

The Board of Directors of The Perpetual Fund sincerely hope you will consider the mission to preserve the beautiful Cathedral of St Peter-in-Chains. The Fund exists so that future generations will be able to worship God in the surroundings of this historic Cathedral. Just as we have done.

The Fund cannot exist without you. With ever-increasing costs and maintenance requirements, donations are needed more than ever.

To learn more about its purpose and accomplishments, or for information on making arrangements for a bequest or in making a donation of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be honoured to assist you. God bless.

Ranald Pearson
Mark Sokolski
Vice President
Fr Tom Lynch
Cathedral Rector
Denise LaBarge
Meme McCabe